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Providing ATV Rentals to the Hatfield-McCoy Trails of West Virginia

~ Get ready for a weekend of ultimate, fun-filled Off-road adventures, provided by Big Jake's ATV Rentals ~

~ No group's too big for a weekend of Offroad fun on the Hatfield-McCoy Trails ~

~ Rent your UTV, strap in, and hit the's just too easy and too fun to resist ~

~ Awesome fun for everyone ~

Come on, you know you want to....

~ From early Spring to Late-Autumn, Big Jake's ATV Rentals is here to get you on the trails ~

~ Fun in the sun, Offroad-Style ~

~ Have a blast on the massive assortment of terrain. from wet to wild ~

~ Located Right in the legendary Hatfield McCoy Trail System ~

~ One day off-road is never a cabin with your ATV and have fun for days-on-end ~

~ Between all the miles of face-numbing fun, take a couple breaks to enjoy the beauty of God's creation in the awesome mountains of West Virginia ~

ATV Rental + Cabin Rental + Hatfield-McCoy Trail Pass = The Ultimate Off-Road Vacation in the Galaxy!

Biggo Jakeau

To be yourself in the seat of a UTV while roosting your comrades with trail-dust is to experience true Bliss.

Biggo Jakeau

Leonardo DiJakey

To ride, or to ride….that is the question.

Leonardo DiJakey

Le Big Jakovsky

A friend is someone who buys you a gift certificate for a weekend package at Big Jake’s ATV Rentals.

Le Big Jakovsky

The Jakester

You only live once, but if you ride the peaks of West Virginia you’ll live enough for a thousand lifetimes!

The Jakester
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What Makes BIG JAKE’S ATV Rentals Such a BIG DEAL:

  • >  Big Jake’s ATV Rentals provides 24-Hour ATV Rentals. That’s right, no more watching the clock. Just ride ’til you can ride no more.
  • Big Jake’s ATV Rentals provides Direct Trail Access.  Literally drive to the pickup site in your car or truck, park, and then ride the ultimate trails of Hatfield-McCoy in West Virginia in one or more of our awesome UTV’s!
  • >  On-Site Lodging.  ‘No point in staying miles away from the trails. Our partners at Wild Willy’s ATV Rezort offer cabin rentals available at our exclusive pickup facility in WV. Stay where you play!
  • Big Jake’s ATV Rentals provides Awesome Side-by-Side Off-road Action. Cruise the awesome West Virginia landscape in our Polaris 570 4×4 UTV’s with seating for Two!!!
  • Big Jake’s ATV Rentals provides the premium off-road experience.  Top-quality UTV’s, premium on-site facilities, and friendly, knowledgeable staff that not only knows the lay of the land, but we’re all off-road enthusiasts ourselves.
  • Big Jake’s is dedicated to providing the most ultimate vacation that’ll leave you driving home with a smile on your face, and plans to return for yet another awesome experience!
  • The Hatfield-McCoy Trail System provides the off-road enthusiast with some of the most fun, beautiful, and awe-inspiring trails in the USA. Here’s some official information straight from the HMT official site: “The Hatfield-McCoy trail systems are Rockhouse, Buffalo Mountain, Bearwallow, Indian Ridge, Pocahontas, and Pinnacle Creek. No matter which trail system you choose, Hatfield-McCoy Trail visitors can expect to find a variety of trails ranging from easiest to most difficult. These are not your typical “flatlander” trails, however, and can be a challenge for a first-time rider. For this reason, visitors may choose from a list of ATV guided tour and rental providers. You can also find a listing of lodging facilities by visiting our lodging page.The overall goal of the Hatfield-McCoy Trails project is to develop a world-class trail system with an emphasis on safety in each of its nine project counties throughout southern West Virginia. Project estimates have concluded that once the trails are developed and linked, there may be as much as 2,000 total miles of trails.”
  • Big Jake’s ATV Rentals is the ultimate one-stop-off-road-shop: Ultimate off-road machines, direct trail access to some of the greatest trails in the world, trail passes, protective gear, snacks, drinks, lodging, maps, and the most friendly, informative staff on God’s green earth!

Big Jake’s ATV Rentals, West Virginia, UTV’s, Hatfield-McCoy, Cabins, and miles of off-road WV entertainment are calling your name!

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