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Providing ATV Rentals to the Hatfield-McCoy Trails of West Virginia



Click Here to view/download official documents that will be completed
at the time of rent.

Q: What is the minimum age requirement?

A: 18 years old, with a valid driver’s license

Q: What are passenger restrictions on a UTV (side-by-side)?

A: The primary applicant completing the paperwork is considered the
primary operator of the UTV.  If carrying a passenger, the passenger
must be able to place both feet flat on the floorboard while seated
upright with their backs against the seat backs. If the passenger wishes
to drive the UTV, he/she must adhere to same rules as the primary operator.
Both occupants of the UTV must wear certified protective gear and seatbelts at all
times when
operating the vehicle.

Q: Am I limited to any one trailhead?

A: We sanction riding our ATV’s on the entire Hatfield-McCoy trail system in WV, as well
as various other licensed ORV locations throughout WV & NC.  If you break down or wreck the ATV on
unknown and unmapped property, you as the rental customer are responsible for any and all
recovery expenses to retrieve the ATV and forfeit your security deposit. This is due to the virtually
unlimited geographical nature of off-road territory.  Official ORV areas are mapped, and therefore
make it much less difficult to locate an broken-down off-road vehicle.  Otherwise, days could
be spent locating the vehicle. 

Q: What if I’m late picking the ATV up?

A: There’s no discount for delays or no-shows, since the ATV is still spoken for regardless of whether or
not it is being used.

Q: What if I’m late bringing it back?

A: You will be charged 1/2-day late fee for 1-4HRS late, and a FULL DAY if its greater than 4HRS

Q: What if I have to cancel my reservation?

A: If you cancel your reservation two weeks or further in advance, you get a refund but
will be charged a $85 processing/cancellation fee.  If cancellation is later than two weeks, you
will only be refunded 40% of the rent.  This is due to the fact that most reservations are done 2 weeks or
longer in advance.  It is booked on the calendar at that point, so even though it’s now cancelled,
it has already been passed up by other potential customers and is highly unlikely the ATV will be rented to
somebody on short notice, causing us to lose a full period of rental income. Reservations on, or
reservations that fall on holidays are non-refundable, regardless of when they were placed.

Q: Is there any extra charge if I bring it back dirty? Empty?

A: . If the ATV is brought back covered-in-mud-dirty, a fee may be taken from
your security deposit.  As for the gas, the machine is provided full of fuel,
so if its less than full when 
its returned, the approximate fuel amount + $15 service
will be taken from your security deposit. Make sure you bring an extra jug or two
of gas.

Q: Do I need to bring my own helmet and goggles?

A: If you do not have your own, we have helmets/goggles available for

 Q: Are 1/2 day rentals available?

The 1-Day rental is the minimum rental package.

 Q: Is lodging available?

Yes, we have cabin rentals right on-site, within minutes of the trailhead.

 Q: How far will I be from the nearest trails?

About 3 minutes