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Providing ATV Rentals to the Hatfield-McCoy Trails of West Virginia

About Big Jake's


I obtained two of my favorite aspects of life at an early age: Powersports and the
Great Outdoors. 
My dad bought me a Honda ATC 70 3-wheeler, and my brother a ATC 110. 


We loved
those bikes more than any other toys our dad ever bought us. It wasn’t long after that dad got the itch
after taking us riding a couple times, and bought
himself a Honda TRX250X ATV.  As we grew too big for our
little ATC’s, my brother was graduated into an insane Yamaha TRI-Z 250. 


After a short tenure on my brother’s
old ATC 110, I was promoted to a Yamaha Blaster 200.  I went from rarely climbing a hill to jumping 6 feet in the
air over the course of one day.

My next quad?  The Legendary Honda TRX250R.


That bike was in my corral for about 10 years.  I wore it out, completely rebuilt it, then
ran out of local places to ride.  A lot of NO TRESPASSING signs went up over the years, and
with nothing to replace those areas and no place close to scout, I hung up my helmet for a few
Then came the Grizzly.

So I sold my racing quad and bought the Grizzly.  I had this machine for a couple years,
and it really came in handy for hunting season, working around the house, playing in the
snow, etc.  But I really didn’t have enough time for it and sold it too.  I had all but given up
on the riding scene until I went to WV to ride and just rented a machine for myself.
This was the birth of the original idea for Big Jake’s ATV Rentals. I thought about how
awesome it would be to take the ATV rentals ideology to the extreme, the way I’d want to do it
if I were going to rent an ATV for myself.  So, in 2008 I created Big Jake’s ATV Rentals, offering
big, bad 660-Grizzly ATV’s for 24-hour-per-day rentals.


It was an instant smash-hit. At first  I offered services in NC, VA, and WV.
NC and VA pretty much died out, not a whole lot of room for the ATV rental
industry.  I needed to move into the WV with more of a presence but didn’t want to
pack up and move up there. So, after praying to God about the future of the business, I met
an awesome guy name William Robertson, proprietor of Wild Willy’s ATV Rezort.

Wild Willy’s is located right in the groove of 3 major Hatfield-McCoy trailheads, literally
within trailing distance in 3 minutes to the nearest trails.  Equipped as an official
Hatfield-McCoy Outfitter, trail-passes are available right on the spot. So, in 2012 we
struck an accord to enter into a partnership where we could offer the ultimate
one-stop-shop:  ATV’s, Cabins, Trail Passes, and direct access to the legendary
Hatfield-McCoy trails.


2013 Polaris Sportsman 500 H.O.; Studio Shot; Side; Green; ATV;

After several years of offering four-wheelers and UTV’s, the four-wheelers
proved to be far more problematic for inexperienced riders. UTV’s were being
rented back to back without issue, where the four-wheelers were coming back
with chunks of plastic missing, bent steering hardware, sliced tires, etc. Simply put,
they were like Ping-Pong balls just bouncing from one tree to the next rock, and
that was getting expensive.  UTV’s are also far safer, so by the end of 2013, I cut
four-wheelers from the fleet.

Hello UTV’s


Good-Bye Four-Wheelers


By God’s awesome grace, we have continued to grow over the years in quantities and
quality, offering the ultimate off-road experience, ultimate machines, ultimate
lodging, and the ultimate trail access. On top of all that, we have experienced a 100%
injury-free record ever since the beginning of Big Jake’s!  HALLELUJAH!

So if you’re ready for the awesome pleasure of cruising the gorgeous trails of Hatfield-McCoy, WV,
in the Ultimate UTV provided by Big Jake’s ATV Rentals, and then crash out in the ultimate
Lodgings of WIld Willy’s ATV Rezort, then put the Smart in your Smartphone and call us to place
your reservation today!